Stones are the materialization of the expressions of the phases through which the earth passes through long processes of sedimentation and erosion. They are also records of incandescent metals, sometimes violent movements of shock, friction and calm that act on the soil. The time represented in rock.

In 2017, Jacqueline Terpins creates the Magma and Fenda tables. In these tables, the brutality and natural beauty of the quartz are presented with little interference from the designer, assuming simple forms and allowing its value as a portrait of a moment in the geological history of the Earth to impose itself.

With rocks as the main raw material, these creations use raw metals as structural elements. On Magma tables, steel cuts and carbon steel frame the quartz, as if framing a record of time; on the Fenda table, the metallic structure is almost imperceptible, letting the two raw plates come even closer to the feeling of being tectonic plates in motion.