Estudio Jacqueline Terpins

Estudio Jacqueline Terpins
Estudio Jacqueline Terpins

Located in a building constructed in 1954 in the neighborhood of Pacaembu, São Paulo, the Estudio Jacqueline Terpins has double height ceiling and large columns. The architect Felippe Crescenti's renovation project was conceived aiming at the neutrality of space, so that, in this way, it would work almost as an infinite background for the pieces and furniture created by the designer. One of the architect's main concerns was to give the space a contemporary language, without losing its original character.

The lightness of the space is marked by the concept of independent planes, that is, the columns, the walls, the beams, the floor, the mezzanine, the staircase, apparently do not touch each other, giving the impression of being floating. In addition, large glass panes define and bring natural light into the space.

The lighting project by Carlos Fortes and Gilberto Franco was also made considering the freedom of composition for the pieces on display. It combines direct and indirect lighting systems, providing flexibility and, at the same time, valuing the pieces.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm
Saturday 10am to 2pm

Rua Gustavo Teixeira, 374 - Pacaembu
01236-010 São Paulo - SP, Brazil