Jacqueline Terpins, who seeks this exercise in her work, has always been fascinated by man's millenary capacity to transform the rigidity of materials through heat into sinuous and fluid forms.

Jacqueline Terpins has an intrinsic relationship with high temperature. She explores what heat imprints on objects and, as in a photograph, interrupts and freezes the movement to observe what fire gives us as a gift: strength, delicacy and fluidity.

Each material brings its specificity and its potential for creative exploration. Corian, originally a rigid plate, is used par excellence in industry and construction.

Its properties of containing the liquid, being non-toxic, absolutely malleable and durable were defining for the designer's choice in transposing its use to objects of organic forms. The high temperature is revealed in the curves, in the sinuosity, in the movement and own life that the pieces present.